Verbs that change from “e” to “ie” when conjugated

advertir - to notice, observe, advise, warn

alentar - to encourage, cheer, inspire, bolster up

apretar - to be too tight; to squeeze; to tighten [up]; to press [down/against]

arrepentir - to regret

arrepentirse - to repent, be repentant, regret

atender - to attend to, pay attention to

atravesar - to cross, cross over, go across, go over, pass through

calentar - to heat [up], warm [up]

calentarse - to heat up, warm up

cerrar - to close, shut

confesar - to confess

consentir - to consent to; to allow, permit; to tolerate, put up with; to admit; to agree, consent

convenir - to agree; to suit, be suited to; to be good for

convertir - to convert

defender - to defend

despertar - to awaken

despertarse - to wake up, lie down

detener - to stop; to hold up, delay; to arrest, detain

detenerse - to stop, pause, linger

divertir - to amuse, entertain

divertirse - to have fun, have a good time, enjoy oneself

empezar - to begin, start

encender - to burn, light, turn on

entender - to understand

entretener - to entertain, amuse

extender - to extend

gobernar - to govern

helar - to freeze, to congeal, to chill

herir - to injure, hurt, wound; to beat, strike

hervir - to boil, entertain

invertir - to invest

mentir - to lie

merendar - to have [an afternoon] snack, have as a snack

negar - to deny, refuse

negarse - to refuse

nevar - to snow

pensar - to think

perder - to lose

preferir - to prefer

presentir - to have a premonition of

querer - to want, love

recomendar - to recommend

regar - to water, irrigate, wash, sprinkle, spray

requerir - to require, need; to request, ask; to send for, call for

resolver - to solve, resolve

sentar - to seat, sit

sentarse - to sit down, seat oneself

sentir - to feel, regret

sentirse - to feel

sugerir - to suggest

tener - to have

tropezar - to trip, stumble, slip up

venir - to come


Most of the verb conjugations including English translation used in this website are based on Fred Jehle's Spanish Verb Database which was compiled by Brian Ghidinelli.


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