Verbs that change from “c” to “zc” when conjugated


acontecer - to happen, occur, come about

agradecer - to be thankful for

amanecer - to dawn

aparecer - to appear

conducir - to drive, conduct

conocer - to know

convencer - to convince

crecer - to grow [up]

desagradecer - to be unthankful for, to be unappreciative of

desaparecer - to disappear

ejercer - to exercise, wield [power, influence, etc.]; to practice [a profession]; to manage, conduct [a businsess]

enriquecer - to enrich, make rich

enriquecerse - to get rich

envejecer - to age, make old, grow old, get old

envejecerse - to get old, age

establecer - to establish

florecer - to flourish, flower, bloom

fortalecer - to fortify, strenthen

inducir - to induce

introducir - to introduce, insert

merecer - to deserve, merit

nacer - to be born

obedecer - to obey

ofrecer - to offer

padecer - to suffer

parecer - to seem, appear

permanecer - to stay, remain

pertenecer - to belong, pertain

producir - to produce

reconocer - to recognize

reducir - to reduce

renacer - to be reborn

traducir - to translate



Most of the verb conjugations including English translation used in this website are based on Fred Jehle's Spanish Verb Database which was compiled by Brian Ghidinelli.


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