Regular “ir” Verbs

aburrir - to bore; to tire, weary

admitir - to admit, accept, allow, recognize

añadir - to add; to increase

aplaudir - to applaud, cheer, clap

asistir - to attend

batir - to beat, hammer, pound [on]

combatir - to combat, fight, oppose; to attack

compartir - to share; to divide [up]

consistir - to consist [of], be composed [of]

consumir - to consume, eat, use upe

cumplir - to fulfil, carry out; to reach [

decidir - to decide, settle, resolve

deprimir - to depress, press down, flatten

exhibir - to exhibit, show, display

imprimir - to print

insistir - to insist

invadir - to invade, overrun

ocurrir - to occur, happen

permitir - to permit, allow

recibir - to receive; to welcome, greet

sacudir - to shake, beat, flap

sobrevivir - to survive, outlive, outlast

subir - to go up, rise, move up, climb; to lift up, raise up

sufrir - to suffer; to undergo, experience, put up with

unir - to unite, join; to tie together; to merge

vivir - to live


Most of the verb conjugations including English translation used in this website are based on Fred Jehle's Spanish Verb Database which was compiled by Brian Ghidinelli.


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