Regular “ar” verbs


abandonar - to abandon, leave behind, desert; to quit, give up

abordar - to board, get on [plane, bus, etc.]; to approach, accost [a person]

abortar - to abort, cause to miscarry; to have a miscarriage

abusar - to go too far, take advantage

acabar - to finish, end

acampar - to camp, encamp, go camping

aceptar - to accept, approve; to agree to

acompañar - to accompany, go with, escort

aconsejar - to advise

acortar - to shorten

acostumbrar - to be accustomed to, be in the habit of; to get

adivinar - to guess, fortell, prophesy; to guess correctly

admirar - to admire, respect, look up to

adorar - to adore, worship

adornar - to adorn; to decorate, embellish; to garnish [food]

afeitar - to shave

afirmar - to make firm, steady, strengthen; to affirm, state, assert

agradar - to please, be pleasing

aguantar - to put up with, endure, bear, stand

ahorrar - to save

alegrar - to make happy, cheer [up], gladden

aliviar - to alleviate, ease, lessen, lighthen, relieve

alquilar - to rent; to rent out, let

amar - to love

anhelar - to be eager for/to, long for/to, yearn for/to

anunciar - to announce

apoyar - to support, hold up, prop up; to back

apreciar - to appreciate, value, esteem, estimate, notice

arreglar - to arrange, settle, fix up, repair, tidy up

arrojar - to throw, hurl, cast, toss

asociar - to associate; to pool, put together

aspirar - to breath in, inhale; to suck in; to aspirate; to aspire

asustar - to frighten, scare, startle

aumentar - to increase, add to, augment; to be on the increase, rise

avisar - to warn, inform, notify

ayudar - to help

bailar - d a n c e

bajar - to lower, go down, descend, download

bañar - to give a bath

besar - k i s s

bordar - to embroider

borrar - to erase, rub out, to cross out, obliterate, wipe out

brillar - to shine, sparkle, glitter, gleam

brindar - to toast

bucear - to skin-dive; to dive under water; to dive

burlar - to deceive, trick; to seduce

calcular - to calculate, compute, add up

callar - to keep quiet about, pass over in silence; to hush

calmar - to calm (down), quiet, soothe

caminar - to walk, go

cancelar - to cancel; to wipe out, write off [debt]

cansar - to tire, tire out, fatigue, wear out

casar - to marry, join in marriage, join in wedlock

causar - to cause; to create, make

celebrar - to celebrate; to praise, applaud

cenar - to eat supper, have supper; to eat dinner, have dinner; to dine; to have for supper [or dinner]

censurar - to censor; to censure, criticize, blame

cepillar - to brush

cesar - to cease, stop

charlar - to chat, talk

chismear - to gossip

cobrar - to charge [a price]; to cash [a check]; to collect, receive [an amount]

cocinar - to cook; to do the cooking

comenzar - to begin, start, commence

comprar - to buy, purchase

condenar - to condemn, convict, sentence

confirmar - to confirm, corroborate, endorse

conquistar - to conquer, overcome, win

conservar - to preserve, conserve; to keep, retain

contaminar - to contaminate, pollute; to corrupt

contestar - to answer

controlar - to control; to inspect, check

conversar - to talk, converse; to tell, relate

convidar - to invite

copiar - to copy

cortar - to cut

crear - to create; to make

cuidar - to take care of, look after

culpar - to blame, accuse; to condemn

cultivar - to cultivate; to grow

curar - to cure; to treat, dress [a wound]

declarar - to declare, state; to bid [in cards]

decorar - to decorate, adorn

dejar - to leave, abandon; to let, allow

depositar - to deposit; to place; to put away, store

desagradar - to displease, be displeasing

desarrollar - to develop, expand; to unroll, unwind; to unfold

desayunar - to eat breakfast, have breakfast

descansar - to rest, take a rest; to support, lean [on

desear - to desire, want, wish

detestar - to detest, hate

devorar - to devour, eat up, gobble up

dibujar - to draw, sketch, depict

diseñar - to design

disfrutar - to enjoy

disgustar - to displease, be displeasing; to annoy, upset

divorciar - to divorce

doblar - to double; to turn [a corner, to the right, etc.]; to fold, crease

duchar - to douche

dudar - to doubt

durar - to last, go on, continue

echar - to throw, cast, fling, hurl, pitch, toss

eliminar - to eliminate, remove, get rid of

emborrachar - to make drunk, intoxicate; to get [someone] drunk

emigrar - to emigrate; to migrate

emplear - to employ, hire; to use

enamorar - to inspire love in, win the love of

encantar - to delight, be delighting, charm, enchant

enfadar - to anger, irritate, annoy

enfermar - to make ill, make sick, cause illness in

engañar - to deceive, cheat, trick, swindle

enojar - to anger, upset, annoy; to make angry

enseñar - to teach, instruct, train, educate

ensuciar - to dirty

enterar - to find out

entrar - to enter, go in, come in

entrevistar - to interview

entusiasmar - to excite; to fill with excitement [or enthusiasm]

escuchar - to listen to, hear

esperar - t o h o p e

estimar - to estimate; to appraise; to esteem, respect

estudiar - to study

evacuar - to evacuate, empty

evitar - to avoid; to prevent

explorar - to explore; to pioneer

explotar - to exploit; to explode

exportar - to export

expresar - to express, voice, state

faltar - to lack, be lacking, be missing, be absent

fascinar - to fascinate, captivate

felicitar - to congratulate

fijar - to fix, fasten, secure

firmar - to sign

formar - to form, shape, fashion, make

fumar - to smoke

funcionar - to function; to run, work

ganar - to win, gain, earn, get, acquire

gastar - to spend, expend; to use up, consume; to wear away, wear down

gritar - to shout, yell, scream, cry out

guardar - to guard, watch over, protect, take care of; to keep, hold on to; to put away, store away

gustar - to please, be pleasing

hablar - to speak

hallar - to find; to discover; to locate; to find out

heredar - to inherit

ilustrar - to illustrate, explain, make clear

importar - to be important (intransitive), to import (transitive)

informar - to inform, tell, announce

iniciar - to initiate, begin, start

inmigrar - to immigrate

instalar - to install; to set up, erect

insultar - to insult

intentar - to try, attempt

interesar - to interest, be of interest [to]

interpretar - to interpret; to translate

inventar - to invent

invitar - to invite

juntar - to join, unite, put together, assemble

jurar - to swear

ladrar - to bark

lamentar - to lament, regret, feel sorry about

lastimar - to hurt, injure, harm; to pity; to move to pity

lavar - to wash

levantar - to raise, to lift

limpiar - to clean

llamar - to call, to name

llenar - to fill; to fulfill

llevar - to carry, bring

llorar - to cry, weep; to weep for/about, cry about, lament

lograr - to get, obtain; to achieve, attain

luchar - to fight, struggle; to wrestle

madurar - to mature; to ripen

mandar - to order

manejar - to drive

maquillar - to put make-up on

matar - to kill, slay, slaughter

matricular - to register

mezclar - to mix, mix up, mix together, blend; to combine, merge, shuffle

mirar - to watch, look at

molestar - to bother, annoy, inconovenience, put out, upset

montar - to mount, to get on, to ride

nadar - to swim

necesitar - to need, require

negociar - to negotiate

notar - to note, notice, observe

odiar - to hate

olvidar - to forget

parar - to stop, halt

participar - to participate, take part in; to share in; to inform, notify

pasar - to pass, pass by, go; to pass on, hand; to spend [time]; to happen

patinar - to skate; to slide, skid

peinar - to comb

pelear - to fight; to brawl, scruffle

perdonar - to forgive, pardon, excuse

pesar - to weigh; to weigh down, weigh heavily;

pintar - to paint

planchar - to iron, press; to do the ironing

plantar - to plant

preguntar - to ask, inquire

preparar - to prepare, get

presentar - t o i n t r o d u c e

preservar - to preserve, protect

protestar - to protest

quedar - to stay, remain, be left; to be [indicating location]

quemar - to burn [up], set on fire, scald, scorch; to be burning hot

reciclar - to recycle; to retrain [a person]

regalar - to give [as a gift]; to present; to give away; to treat royally, pamper

regatear - to haggle (over), bargain (over)

registrar - to register, record; to search

regresar - to return, go back

regular - to regulate, adjust, control

reinar - to reign, rule

renunciar - to renounce, surrender, resign

reparar - to repair, mend, restore

repasar - to review, go over again; to do again

reportar - to bring, carry; to obtain; to report, inform; to denounce, accuse

reservar - to reserve; to keep, keep in reserve

respetar - to respect

respirar - to breathe, breathe in, inhale

resultar - to turn out (to be), prove [to be], ensue

revelar - to reveal, disclose; to develop [film]

robar - to rob, steal, burgle, break into

saltar - to jump, leap; to jump over, leap over; to omit, skip, leave out

saludar - to greet, salute, hail, welcome

salvar - to save, rescue; to except, exclude

señalar - to point out, point to, indicate; to signal; to mark

soportar - to support, hold up, bear; to put up with, tolerate

suspirar - to sigh

tapar - to cover; to put the lid on, put the cap on, put the stopper in

tardar - to delay, take a long time, be long, be slow [in doing something]

terminar - to finish, end

tirar - to throw, hurl; to shoot, fire; to throw away; to pull [out]

tomar - to take, drink

trabajar - to work

tratar - to treat, handle

triunfar - to triumph, win

untar - to anoint; to smear, rub

usar - to use

viajar - to travel, journey

violar - to violate; to rape

visitar - to visit

vomitar - to vomit, throw up, bring up

votar - to vote



Most of the verb conjugations including English translation used in this website are based on Fred Jehle's Spanish Verb Database which was compiled by Brian Ghidinelli.


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