Verbs that change from “c” to “qu” when conjugated


dedicar - dediqué (yo preterite)

acercar - to bring near[er], move [something] nearer

ahorcar - to hang

aplicar - to apply

atacar - to attack

buscar - to search for, look for

chocar - to shock; to startle; to be suprising, startling; to collide, crash

clarificar - to clarify, illuminate, light [up], brighten

clasificar - to classify, grade, rate, sort

colocar - to locate, place

comunicar - to communicate, transmit, tell, pass on

comunicarse - to communicate [e.g., with someone], be in touch, correspond; to be transmitted

confiscar - to confiscate

criticar - to criticize

crucificar - to crucify

dedicar - to dedicate

dedicarse - to devote oneself, dedicate oneself, go in for, take up [carrer/interest in something]

educar - to educate; to bring up

equivocar - to mistake

equivocarse - to make a mistake

explicar - to explain

fabricar - to manufacture

glorificar - to glorify, praise

indicar - to indicate

invocar - to invoke

marcar - to mark, stamp, to show, indicate; to dial [e.g., a phone]

masticar - to chew

modificar - to modify, change

pescar - to fish

picar - to prick, puncture, perforate; to sting, bite

platicar - to chat, talk

practicar - to practice

provocar - to provoke

publicar - to publish

purificar - to purify

replicar - to reply, answer back

sacar - to take out, stick out

sacrificar - to sacrifice

secar - to dry, dry up, dry off, wipe dry

secarse - to dry, dry off, dry up

significar - to signify, mean

tocar - to touch; to play

ubicar - to place, locate; to be located, be situated

verificar - to verify, check, inspect



Most of the verb conjugations including English translation used in this website are based on Fred Jehle's Spanish Verb Database which was compiled by Brian Ghidinelli.


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